Workshops and Appearances
For the last 25 years John has been helpful in developing congregations musically. Featured below are congregational clips from a series of workshops conducted at the Gray Road Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio when Richard Rose was currently serving as Senior Minister. John has also conducted music workshops in Arkansas, Texas, Illinois and Kentucky.

I’m Glad I Know You has developed as a brotherhood favorite. In these renditions, Dorian Paul Williams formerly of the Gap Band, Malcolm Himes formerly of Acappella and Senior Minister Warren Blakney lead the song in worship. 
The next version is a popular version sang by the Committed Acappella Chorus featuring Tiffany Malone.

In the 80’s John was apart of Los Angeles’s AM Stereo KDAY’s performing arts training program for young artists. He was selected to play a small role in New Edition’s Earth Angel Video. He is seen at the end of the video standing behind the main character against a wall talking to a young lady. Check him out!